Course Final Reflection

Salma Nassar

This course has been one of the most interesting courses I took. I’m so glad that I was able to take it as a freshman although it’s a course for juniors and seniors only. I learned a lot throughout the semester the most useful things I learned in this course was Soliya. It was useful because you get to zone out of what surrounds you and interact with people that you have nothing in common with. I get to know people from different cultures and backgrounds, which was pretty beneficial. I also got to do my first own narrative game which was a new experience for me I chose a social topic which all of us face in our daily lives. It made me feel creative and I improved the game based on people’s feedback. In addition to the best and engaging class discussions. This was another useful thing as we get to hear different perspectives and points of view of people. This makes you think beyond what you know, they were fascinating. This course was not only about assignments, but it also made me lean three important skills. The first one is general knowledge, unlike any other course which would focus only on the major. This course is broad we covered different topics including artificial intelligence, being bias, digital narrative games, identifying fake news and online learning such as soliya. This made me more knowledgeable second important skill is discipline, in this course, we had to manage our time and skills as we had to write a blog post almost every week and also, we were working on both the game and Soliya. This required a lot of time and effort. One last skill is creativity, we had to be creative when we were designing our games and also in choosing new stimulating topics in soliya. 

            Furthermore, if I were to show someone my learning in this course, I would use these three things that I created: my blog posts, game final draft, and soliya final reflection. I would show them my blog posts at it includes my effort throughout the semester and they would get a glimpse about the course through them. The game final draft because it is my first game and it is creative and a new thing that we learned in this course. Lastly, I would show them soliya final reflection for them to know how was my four -week virtual experience and what I learned through those four weeks. Moreover, there are some things that I would add to this course and change at the same time. I would say it would be better if there are fewer readings and reflections and more videos and in class discussions. More engagement with real life. Less soliya hours as it was pretty long and hectic and having the option to swap rooms as there will be one or two sessions during spring break. And finally, it would be better if there are more challenging activities that would stimulate one’s critical thinking skills.

 In the end, I’m going to leave this sentence here since I’m supposed to describe the course in one sentence.

“This course will expose you to different cultures, mindsets, and will prepare you to the

online world.”

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